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Top 10 countries around the globe to launch your startup

Choosing the right location for a new business can make all the difference in terms of success, growth and profits. Around the world there are countries with an oppressive maze of red tape and endless bureaucracy standing in the way of aspiring entrepreneurs willing to start a new bu...

The Main Differences in Writing a Resume and Cover Letter in the US and EU

Maybe you're a professional wanting to try something new and find a job somewhere outside your country. Or maybe you're a fresh graduate looking for a job or a person willing to improve their resume and cover letter writing skills. It might sound surprising but you'll need to know the dif...

Suffering panic attacks behind the wheel? Here are 10 tips to help you overcome your fear of driving

Do you avoid a certain roundabout every single day? Would you walk an extra three blocks to avoid reverse parking? Do you carefully plan routes to avoid multiple lane highways?

Want to act in TV commercials? Here's how to get started

Getting yourself a job filming a TV commercial pays well, goes a long way in terms of connections and exposure and can open doors to bigger roles and lead to a host of promising career opportunities. All serious aspiring thespians get their feet wet in TV commercials. And you do not ...

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